In case you were elsewhere during the AGM...

Many thanks to all who attended and participated in the Annual General Meeting. As a church with a congregational governance model, your participation in membership is important! In case you were unable to attend,... Read More

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Service Spotlight: Alix

Salut ! Hello! My name is Alix. I am a runner, a foodie, a language-lover, and a dabbler in the arts, but most of all, I am a disciple (in training) of our Lord Jesus Christ. I currently serve with a church-planting... Read More


Search Team Update

If you attended Sunday's congregational meeting, you are probably wondering how the pastoral applicant interviews went this week. We are happy to share that they were good times of getting to know each applicant.... Read More

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Service Spotlight: Dave & Judy Wright

Hello WEFC! Here is a brief update from the Wright family, serving with Ethnos Canada. God has opened up an immense door to teach biblical foundations in Buffalo Narrows, Sask. We have opportunity to teach 7-9 small... Read More

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Connecting Women

Coffee Connections stands for “Cup of Faith, Friendship, Encouragement and Enrichment.” We are a group of women who gather Tuesday mornings and represent moms of young children, women working part-time as well as... Read More

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Thanks for Stuffing a Stocking!

Thanks to you, we're giving 245 fun-filled Christmas stockings to Grace Point Church, Union Gospel Mission and Living Bible Explorers! Thank you for connecting to our world by supporting these inner city ministries... Read More


Soup for Grace Point

"Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, and eliminates the tension of the day." Grace Point, our congregation that meets on Sunday at 137 Euclid, serves soup after their evening Gatherings.... Read More


Does Your Child Suffer from Depression

Taken from "The Source For Parnets" Last week I had the opportunity to talk with teenagers in Georgia… the topic of my choice. So I chose to address the elephant in the room: depression. It seems counterintuitive:... Read More


God is still talking...

One Church Prayer … spending an hour in prayer and song – sounds like a hit?  You are already working your phone to book off Tuesday, November 21 @ 7 pm.  Excellent, but in case you are having second thoughts …  We... Read More


Stuff a Stocking

Supporting Inner City Ministry This year WEFC is sharing the joy of Christmas with our own community through the ministries of Grace Point Church, Union Gospel Mission and Living Bible Explorers. Between now and... Read More