180 Adults: Sundays, 9:00 - 10:15

These small group classes are designed to equip Christians to understand faith in theory and practice. Classes on money management, relationships, contemporary issues and books of the Bible are a few examples of courses that are offered. Newcomers are always welcome. 


Bait of Satan - Facilitators: Stuart & Kelly Reimer

It is safe to say we have all been offended. Offense is the number one trap that Satan uses to keep us from experiencing the true freedom we can have with God. With the use of the book The Bait of Satan we will learn what the different kind of traps are and how we can free ourselves from them and how to recognize and avoid them in the future.  

Reaching out to the world that has come to our doorstep - Facilitator: Ruth Dueck

 This study will help us to understand better our present world situation and how we can cooperate with God to reach out to the people that He is bringing to Canada from other Countries. Through this we can gain a new appreciation and confidence  to partner with God in these final days to reach these people for Christ.  

Explore Life Groups - Facilitator: Pastor Trevor Berg

These groups will be based on the current sermon series in the Book of Acts that is taking place in January and February. The study will look at how the Early Church developed and what lessons we can apply to our own church situation today.