Mission and Beliefs

Mission and Beliefs

What is Experiencing Christ Jesus Together?

Intimacy with God

The sincere desire to know and love God with our entire being, while personal and private, will need to captivate our hearts if we are genuinely to be committed to each other and connected to our world. WEFC is committed to encouraging, teaching and modeling this within the church family, yet each member, through obedience to God's Word, is responsible for maintaining intimacy with God. 

Commitment to Each Other

A strong church family is committed to each other - to loving, serving and growing together. The LIFE groups, Bible studies, prayer nights, Sunday learning and worship at WEFC are all done in community to foster commitment to each other. 

Connection to Our World

A community that embodies intimacy with God and commitment to each other can look outward - towards a hurting world. We strive to build relationships in our local communities, love the hurting people of our city, and reach across the world to share the good news of love and salvation through Jesus.