Youth Retreat

Youth Retreat



"I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead"

What if this was the year...


 that you held nothing back from God and lost yourself in Jesus? This fall, we want to invite you to forget the mistakes, betrayal, the abandonment and  hurts you carry and press on to reach  the life God calls for you.  Join us this fall as we take one weekend, to do business with God  Start the year off  right, focusing on Jesus and relaxing with friends  




  • September 15-17
  • Meet at 6:00 PM     Arrive Home  1:30pm 


  • $100
  •  ** If Students memorize  Philippians  Admission is FREE! (Applies to WEFC Youth only)  




Land Organized Activities · Archery · Paint Ball · Mountain Biking · Climbing  Wall  


Non Organized  Land Activates · (Open during free time but no organization) · Skateboarding · Beach Volley Bally · Basket Ball  · Frisbee Golf  


Water  Activates · Swimming · Kayaking * · Canoeing  * · Tubing  / skiing  


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