Isaiah 7:10-16

Ask for a sign from the Lord your God—it can be as deep as Sheol or as high as heaven. Isaiah 7:11

We need signs; they help us to determine if we are going in the right direction or if we have the correct ideas. Signs also give us indications about the state of relationship with others. Isaiah 7 highlights the difficulty that the nation of Judah was experiencing; surrounding nations that were threatening to subjugate them. All of this was following a devastating defeat that resulted considerable loss for the nation.

The people needed a sign that God was still there; that he still loved them, because it did not seem like the case. God says that he will give them the assurance of his love and presence in a sign. For us who are believing in Jesus so many years later, we understand this sign to be Jesus himself being promised as the sign of God’s enduring presence and steadfast love. We are able to look to Jesus as God’s promised sign.