Save to your Calendar

This week is our annual Christmas banquet! If you've been around over the last couple weeks you've likely heard a bit about what's going on, but I wanted to give you all a reminder in case you weren't here, or don't remember!

First thing's first, this is a formal event, so dress nice! There will be a time for group photos, but even if there wasn't, it's nice to have an excuse to get a little dressed up every now and then.

Next, I know we are calling this our christmas banquet, but the food portion of the evening for this year is a little on the non-existent side... Instead of a dinner like in the past, we are going to be doing a bit of an adapted small group night. You will all be hanging out for the evening, but there are a number of stops you will be making during the night, including a gingerbread house decorating contest, a photo booth, christmas karaoke, and a hot chocolate bar!

As well, during the evening there will also be a gift exchange for each of your small groups! So if you haven't already, be sure to pick out and wrap a gift up to 10$ to use for your small group's gift exchange. With that said, if this isn't possible for you, let us know! We will have some gifts set aside for those who are unable to purchase one but would still like to participate.

Once everyone is done working their way through all the stations, we will all be coming together for a short message and some caroling to end us off on a high note before breaking for Christmas. Both pick up and drop off will be at the front entrance.

Lastly, this is a bigger event, so it will will cost 5$ to help cover some of the costs of supplies.