WEFC Youth exists to help youth find and follow Jesus. "Stir" is our Junior High program (grades 6-8) and "Revive" is our Senior High program (grades 9-12). Starting September 25th, we will be meeting in person at the church!

Friday Nights - Beginning September 25

Jr. High 6-8pm                      (Pick up and Drop off @ East Doors)

Sr. High 7:30-10pm              (Pick up and Drop off @ West Doors)

We realize that everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey. Friday night youth group reflects this by providing something different for every level of spiritual growth. This could include worship nights, small group nights, youth retreats, service events, ice cream fights, or off-site events like swimming, bowling, or roller-skating. Bookmark this page or check the calendar for details of upcoming events.

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Cost: $25/youth for the year + Outings (info below)

For a long time, we have had a $5 fee per week which was our way of spreading the cost of our outings and snacks over the course of the year. We are moving away from that, in the hopes of only charging for outing nights. However, this is a major budget change as you could expect, and for this year we are cushioning a bit of the budget loss by asking for $25 per youth, primarily so we can still afford to serve a snack each week and run in a way that is familiar. This cost will only be for youth who are attending 5 or more weeks this year, as that would have been the cost previously. We will not be charging visitors/friends for their first week or anything like that, and if this is not financially possible for your family I am more than willing to figure something else out. We will never ever turn someone away from youth because they cannot afford it.

I hope that makes sense. Please contact me at Silas.friesen@wefc.net if you have any more questions about this. 

Sunday School - more details coming

Please Note: as of right now we are unable to meet Sunday morning like we have in the past. In its place, as of this past summer, we are running a virtual bible study/devotional each week for both our Jr. Highs and our Sr. Highs. With school starting we are trying to find a time that can work alongside the weekly schedule of our youth. They will be starting up by early October. If you are interested in joining, we send out the link on our weekly email list which is our main mode of communication. if you are interested in being added to that, please contact me at Silas.Friesen@wefc.net or by calling the office during the week!

Cost: Always Free

Our 2020 Program!

Welcome to a new year! Youth is going to look a lot different, but we are still super excited to have you back on Friday nights, every Friday night! Firstly, as you may have noticed our start times are changing. This is primarily to keep the two groups separate and safe, but we will still be running exciting activities, solid biblical teaching, and giving time to talk and hang out in our small groups just like we were before! I'm going to go through the programming changes here, but you will need to read our COVID-19 plan to get the full picture. Please check the tab on the side called "Changes during Covid-19"! We will cover things like masks, hand sanitizer and how we plan to cope with the world we are in right now. With all that said, yes, masks will be manditory for the majority of every friday night.

 Here is our 5 week rotation for our event types!

In the past we have always had a rotation to our scheduling, but we have tweaked it for this year and added some really exciting things!

1) Teaching night

These are our most common youth nights where we get to hang out at the church, play some awesome games, hear a message from Pastor Silas and talk about it in small groups / Snack

2) Big event* or Service night

This is going to be some wild activity that runs for the whole youth night, or we are going to be heading out and do something awesome for our local community!

3) Teaching Night

(same as above)

4) Small groups or Guys and Girls nights

These nights we divide and conquer! Either as small groups or as guys and girls, you will be getting some solid discussions going just being together, maybe doing an activity, maybe just hanging out, the key thing is building relationships on these nights!

5) Worship night (NEW)

These nights are joint Jr and Sr high! We are going to have our super talented youth band lead us in worship, there will be a devotional, some prayer time, and some more worship to close off the night! Please note that we will have a joint run time of 7:00-10:00 for Jr and Sr high on these nights.

(* You may have noticed there is no Outing on our rotation anymore. Unfortunately, right now we don't have a feasible way to transport the youth safely and distanced to a different location, and until we can find a way to do that, we are putting a pause on outings for the time being! In its place we will be running bigger nights, like running an amazing race, renting laser tag, bubble soccer or something along those lines. For these nights we will likely have an additional cost to cover some of the expenses just like we would for a regular outing. We hope our outings will be back soon, and they will slot into the big event spot on the rotation!)

Lastly if you have not already checked out our "Changes During COVID-19" tab, please do now. It outines all the major changes you need to know before you come on a friday night.


Questions about Youth? Contact Silas here