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WEFC Youth exists to help youth find and follow Jesus. "Stir" is our Junior High program (grades 6-8) and "Revive" is our Senior High program (grades 9-12). We are currently running our entire program online using Zoom, until it is safe to do otherwise!

Right now, our biggest priority for the Youth Group is connecting with a purpose. We have decided to put a very large emphasis on small groups and prayer, as both have proved to be reliable and effective during this online season of youth. There is still time dedicated to large group calls and teaching. We want our ministry to give each youth as much of a chance as we can to actively speak into each other’s lives, and foster lasting relationships with their leaders, each other, and God. This time where connecting isn't as convenient as it once was.

Please note: Our Weekly Zoom Links are not made publicly available, but instead are emailed out to families every Friday. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Our Youth and Young Adults Director Silas Friesen by calling the church office and we can add you to the mailing list. We would love to have you!

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Jr. High:

- Friday Nights from 7:00-9:30

Consisting of a main call for anyone Grade 6-8, where we play a short game, have a time of teaching and spend time in our small groups before we wrap up the night!

Sr. High:

- Friday Nights Starting at 7:00

Friday nights for Sr high are almost entirely spent in our small groups. There's a short time for prayer and announcements at the beginning with everyone together, but the whole evening is dedicated to spending time building relationships, praying, and growing together in our faith, as led by our incredible small group leaders.

Sunday Nights from 7:00-8:30

Our Sunday nights are reserved for the Sr High's to have a time of centralized teaching. The lessons usually run for 45 minutes to an hour and are designed to be a little more interactive depending on the size of the group. Following the lesson there is some time for just hanging out and catching up with each other.


Cost: $25/youth for the year + Outings (info below) Currently Waived Due to Covid-19

For a long time, we have had a $5 fee per week which was our way of spreading the cost of our outings and snacks over the course of the year. We are moving away from that, in the hopes of only charging for outing nights. However, this is a major budget change as you could expect, and for this year we are cushioning a bit of the budget loss by asking for $25 per youth, primarily so we can still afford to serve a snack each week and run in a way that is familiar. This cost will only be for youth who are attending 5 or more weeks this year, as that would have been the cost previously. We will not be charging visitors/friends for their first week or anything like that, and if this is not financially possible for your family I am more than willing to figure something else out. We will never ever turn someone away from youth because they cannot afford it.

I hope that makes sense. If you have any more questions contact Silas by calling the church office or fill in the form below. 


Questions about Youth? Contact Silas here