Kids Clubs (Grade 1-5) is WEFC's weekly children's program! It runs Wednesday evenings from September through April. At Kids Clubs we strive to encourage and teach children to find their gifts, develop their skills, and grow in godly character! 


Hi Parents and Volunteers,

We want to let you know that we are indefinitely suspending Kids Club effective immediately.
We generally make our decisions for when to run Clubs and when to cancel when it comes to weather based on what the schools have chosen to do, which is why we likely will suspend operations through Wednesday, April 8. Things are constantly changing, and we hope that we can continue with Clubs at some point soon!  For the parents that have chosen to pay for the whole year or winter session ahead of time, we are planning to refund you based on what is missed. However, because we aren't sure how long the program will be suspended for, we would like to wait until we know for sure how many weeks will be missed before issuing refunds.Please feel free to call the office (204) 253-8464 or email me if you have any questions at all! Thank-you for understanding!

Nathaniel Friesen
Director of Children's Ministries | WEFC