1 Samuel 16:1-13

The Lord said to Samuel, “How long are you going to mourn for Saul, since I have rejected him as king over Israel? Fill your horn with oil and go. I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem because I have selected for myself a king from his sons.” Samuel asked, “How can I go?  1 Samuel 16:1–2 

Our lives can be met with disappointment. However, we need to be able to carry onwards, moving ahead in the ways that God leads and directs us. We need to find a way to proceed after disillusionment in the ways that God desires us to proceed. Samuel’s question is both functional and spiritual. If he goes, the old, disappointing king is likely to take his life. But, also, how can he go when his efforts have resulted in such a disaster? Samuel is needing faith to proceed and follow through on the Lord’s will. This week, we will explore how we can foster a genuine faith when we are faltering. We will find that God is also able to supply for us when we are lacking in faith and when we question how we can go to do his will.