Psalm 106

“Come to me with your salvation so that I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones, rejoice in the joy of your nation, and boast about your heritage.” - Psalm 106:5b-6

As we come to this season’s conclusion of our series in the Psalms (Book IV), we are met with the stirring remembrance of the ways that God’s people have held themselves in relationship with him. God consistently and reliably remains faithful to the promises he makes to his people. However, there is a regular struggle for the people to remain in relationship with him. The prayer in the verse given above is asking for God to bring his salvation so that the psalmist can truly enjoy the life that he was designed for. Yet, it is important to consider what we are saved from when we are asking for God’s salvation to be revealed. We have been saved from sin, but there is more to consider about the salvation that God offers us. With this more complete portrait of our salvation, we enter into renewed daily intimacy with God.