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Are you jealous because I’m generous? Matthew 20:15

These are the words of the landowner in this week's parable. It is his response to those who believe they should be paid more than they were given because they worked for a longer amount of time then workers who were hired much later in the day by the landowner. The landowner informs these workers that he has the right to give what he feels is best to all of the people who are in his employ. The landowner also notes that he is not treating the workers who are there the longest unfairly. Instead, he reminds them that he has given them what they agreed on and that they should be pleased with their wages.

As we interact with this parable, we are called into evaluation of our own motivations for why we serve the Lord and how we regard others in the kingdom. This is not a parable that deals with salvation, but rather life in the kingdom and our attitudes of service within it.