Currently, we are completely online and we've been pretty safe there so far. These health guidelines have been left up for when we return in person, and will be adjusted as the regulations are.

Changes for Covid-19

In running youth, we recognize that there is potential for risk, especially in these times. We have no interest in looking for loopholes in the government regulations and we are doing our best to follow and continually adapt to the ever-changing rules surrounding this pandemic. Like always we want this to be a place where students can come and feel welcome, comfortable, and safe, so in this time we see it as our duty in loving others to be following those mandates. With all that said, here are the steps we are taking.

(Please be aware that this list is subject to change as the regulations do, and our plan may look fairly different by the end of the year.)

1) Masks. 

Masks are to be worn whenever physical distancing cannot be accomplished. We will not require them to be worn in teaching times where everyone will be separated in an appropriate manner, and the same will go for small groups and activities where distancing is possible. Upon arrival at youth, all students must be wearing a mask.

2) Number Limitations

The government has designated youth groups to follow the same guidelines as day camps, thus each group will be limited to 50 students. This is one of the major reasons for splitting Jr and Sr high up as we have done. Should we ever reach our capacity of 50 students we will unfortunately be unable to let anyone else in. It isn't likely we reach numbers that high, but should the occasion arise we will have to keep our number limited.

3) Sanitation

When Sr high arrives, they will be kept to the Kids Chapel until the building has been appropriately sanitized from the Jr high event. In the turnover between Jr and Sr high our leaders will be sanitizing all necessary touch points that have been used. We are also using the East Doors for Jr high drop off/pick up, and the west doors for Sr. High drop off /pick up to avoid intermingling between the groups.

4) Screening

We will not be taking temperatures at the door as we did with Adventures Day Camp, but we will be asking if you have self-assessed using a screening tool prior to attending. As well, we use Planning Canter for check ins, which is vital for keeping records should there be a need for contact tracing. If you are feeling sick or are showing any symptoms affiliated with COVID-19, please stay home for your safety and the safety of others. if you are not familiar with these symptoms you can find a list here

5) Room Limitations

Our COVID-19 task force has measured every room in the building and given a maximum number of people that can fit in each of them as per the government’s restrictions. We will be following those and planning our activities accordingly. 

6) Hand Sanitizer

We will have hand sanitizer at all active entrances and we will require its use when entering the building, between activities, and before eating. We will also use it at any additional time as the program demands.

7) Travel

At this time, we do not have a feasible plan that allows for groups of our size to travel, and until we can figure out a way to do so, activities will all be happening at the church. Should there be an event somewhere else for whatever reason, we will likely require pick up and drop off at that location.

8) Snack

We are able to serve snack, but there are a number of rules around how it is to be passed out. Servers will be wearing masks and gloves and are the only ones allowed to touch the food prior to it being handed out. Youth will be unable to grab snack for themselves, instead it will be served to them individually. As well, there will be no sharing of food.

9) Regarding Possible Positive COVID-19 Cases and Symptoms

Should a COVID-19 case be linked to our program we will submit our attendance for contact tracing. If someone at youth is showing symptoms we will isolate them (politely) and arrange for them to be picked up. This will not warrant a call or a text to everyone. Contact tracing will only happen if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case linked to our program.