In Christ Alone: This Changes Everything

Once in a while we encounter something in our lives that seems to change everything; maybe it’s a bad thing like getting a disease, or having a terrible accident. Or maybe it’s a good thing like getting married or having a child. We tend to mark our lives with these things; we have a before and after experience with them. When we are remembering things in the past, we might say, “Oh, that happened before the accident” or “That was about two years after we got married.”  

Colossians takes this whole idea and turns it up a few notches. Paul wrote the letter of Colossians to a group of people who were struggling to stand out from those around them. They believed in Jesus, but they also brought in some other beliefs and systems that allowed them to fit in with the other people around them.   

In Colossians Paul is saying, it is Christ Alone that is enough for you; you don’t need all these other things. In fact any other thing will distract from the truth and beauty of who Christ is. In Colossians Paul is saying, when we are In Christ Alone we are united to Christ and benefit from all that he has done for us. In Colossians Paul is saying, when we are In Christ Alone: This Changes Everything. It changes everything about the way that we live and about the way that we relate to one another.