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Our Current Series
February 6-27

 Where oh where could it be?

“Hide-n-Seek” is all about revealing that which is hidden and making truth easy to see! Jesus loved to help blind people see. Not just physically blind people, but spiritually blind people too! During the “Hide-n-Seek” series, elementary kids will look high and low for hidden pictures and objects while simultaneously uncovering the not-so-hidden truth about the forever love of Jesus. 

Join Us!

We are online only right now for Sunday School. 
The class runs through Zoom from 8:50-9:45 for kids from age 4 - grade 5!
The link will be sent out to the 'WEFC Parents Email List' each week.

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At-Home Guides

Print these Home Guides each week for your kids to help them solidify what they have learned in Sunday School this week!



Journey Today Show

Join the 'Journey Today Show' crew in this fun-filled show uniquely designed to be an interactive experience that leads kids towards faith in Jesus. With built in Bible reading and discussion, each episode has as much learning as laughter! It's a hilarious way to help kids learn and grow whether at church, at home, or on the go.

Each episode corresponds to one of our Sunday School lessons!


Coming Up Next...

Here's a quick peak at what your kids will be learning in the months to come!

Unit 7: Hide & Seek
Life of Jesus | February 6-27

Unit 8: Picture This
Parables of Jesus | March 6-27

Unit 9: Professor Sid's Science Spectacular
Easter: Death and Resurrection | April 3-24

Unit 10: The Big Build
The Early Church | May 1-29

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