1 Peter 3:8-12

Weekly Reflection:

  1. Verse 8 - As you consider your relationship with other Christians, how would you rate yourself (1=weak  10=strong) when you consider the virtues that are mentioned? Can you give examples?
    • We are like-minded/I am harmonious
    • I am sympathetic
    • We love each other/I am loving
    • I am compassionate
    • I am humble
  2. Verse 9 – In what situations have you repaid evil with evil?  Repaid evil with blessing?
  3. Verses 10,11 – Consider answering the question, “Do I love life?”  Why or why not? (see verse 10)
  4. Verse 12 – What benefits are there to being righteous? (compare 1 Peter 3:7)