Do you ever look around at the world and wonder, “What in the world is going on!? This is crazy. It all seems so unfair.” Well the Psalmist wondered the same thing, it felt like a riddle. So he tries to figure it out and writes Psalm 49. This Psalm is not a worship or prayer Psalm. It is Psalm of wisdom and insight. This Psalm helps us make a bit more sense of what is going on in this world, to have a bit more understanding. So be encouraged with a renewed perspective. God will have the last word.  

Weekly Reflection:

  1. Read Psalm 49
  2. Write and pray about the following; asking God to show you how you can trust Him
    • How do I feel about death? Am I ready to go? Do I have a personal relationship with Jesus?
    • What is my attitude towards my money? Or lack thereof? (not others’ money)
    • What do you trust in this life and for your death?
  3. Why can God be trusted in these times? Where is the hope here in this Psalm?
  4. Who needs an encouragement this week? Call them or meet with them and listen and pray with them.