John 1
"The Logic of God"

In today's Message, Pastor Mark discusses how looking at the world through the lens of the world... helps makes our world make sense. 


The first fourteen verses are an amazing depiction of Jesus Christ. They present him as God, Creator, and Man. But what is most impressive is the word that John uses to identify Jesus. He calls him the “logos”. This is the Greek word that is translated “word” or “reason” or “logic”.   Jesus Christ is the logic of God! When we open our hearts to him, we are receiving the very wisdom of God in our lives. This is something that should have a profound impact on every aspect of our lives – how we think, how we talk, what our motivations are – you name it. What this tells us is that in a very real sense, the simplest believer who is trusting in Jesus Christ has a wisdom that goes beyond the secular, worldly wisdom of the most educated person on the planet. Open your heart to Jesus! Receive the logic of God!