"I've been to the service, What's the next step?"

So you've been to a service and you have decided that you would like to experience Jesus with us. That's awesome! However, you might be wondering how to connect. That's a great question. This page is designed to help you connect at WEFC. We have four ideas to share about how to connect @ WEFC.

Let us know you are here.  WEFC is a big place and we would love for you to personally connect you with one of the pastors.  Let us know you're new by filling out a Contact Card. You can do that by clicking here.

 Find a place to learn about Jesus.  We can't experience Jesus If we don't know much about Jesus. There are a number of midweek and weekend programs designed to help us follow everything Jesus taught. 

Our "What we do" Section has a listing of all the programs we offer to help you do that. Finding the right program depends on what stage of life you are in. 

You can find information on programs here!

Find a Life Group. We believe it's not enough to know facts about Jesus. There needs to be a place where we are processing, contemplating and wrestling with the teachings of Jesus. We believe this is best done in the community. Small groups are how we get to experience Jesus through community.

LIFE groups act as 'mini-churches' within the WEFC body, providing discipleship and accountability for people at all stages of their walk with Christ. You can find out more information here.

Volunteer - We believe that we are never more like Jesus than when you serve. We believe God has given you a calling that only you can fulfill. There are various way to volunteer at WEFC. A list of different volunteer options is available here.