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Hi WEFC Family, 

Cold or snow; what do you prefer? There are some of us that really enjoy the snow; right, my snowmobiling friends? But, what about the real cold, does anyone really get all excited about that? Anyway, enough about the weather, here is some information to keep in mind this week at WEFC. 

Thank You: From the greeters, to the ushers, to the tech crew, to the worship team, to the snow clearers, to the welcome desk hosts, to the security team, to the library team, thank you for volunteering your time to serve the WEFC family. Last Saturday, we also had many volunteers putting away all the Christmas decorations. Thank you.  

Lead Pastor Search: At the most recent Elder meeting they received report that there are positive developments in the search for Lead Pastor. News of this we anticipate can be shared at the Annual General Meeting, February 6. Thank you for your continued prayers in this regard.  

Adult Sunday School: Two more sessions with Dr. Pierre Gilbert. If you’ve missed it you can visit our webpage ( under the resources tab and select Adult Sunday School with Dr. Pierre Gilbert. Join us online every Sunday at 9:00am via the Zoom link on our webpage.  

Ladies Bible Study: Always nice to see this group of ladies on Tuesday evenings as they meet together to study Scripture, encourage and pray with each other.  

Kids Club Returns: Kids are back in school and so that means Kids Club on Wednesday’s is at it again. How fun it is to see the kids be so excited about being together, having fun, and learning about God. There is still a need here for men to be leaders on the boy’s side. Talk to Children’s Ministry Director Nathaniel Friesen if you are interested.  

Sunday Morning Gathering: We are looking forward to our Youth and Young Adult Director, Silas Friesen preaching from Ephesians 4:17-32.  

Questions/Comments/Concerns/Ideas: The Board of Elders continue to receive your feedback on Sunday Worship Gathering service/seating format. They continue to welcome dialogue on creative ways to make everyone feel welcome

Encouragement: “Peter, come here.” “Philip, come here.” “Mathew, come here.” Remember the last time you were called? “Would the owner of license plate number… please come and move your car.” “Ignatz, please come to the principal’s office.” “Bergita, supper’s ready, come to the table.” I imagine the guys put down the wood, rushed to put on their sandals, quickly paid for the figs, ran out the door, when Jesus called them. (Matthew 10:1-10) I doubt they rolled their eyes, sighed and wondered what He could possibly want now. Then again, maybe He had to call them twice, three times even. Could it be that, John’s attention was so stuck on what he was doing, he didn’t hear Jesus calling the first time? Perhaps, Andrew looked up from the game he was playing and asked, “Why?” At any rate we know they came.
Jesus had something to give these men (more on that next week), but what encourages me about this story is that they were close enough to hear and come. Being close and paying attention to their rabbi put those in a position to receive what came next. At our elder meeting this past Tuesday we were reminded to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.(Hebrews 12:2) This is key to making it through the storms of life. Close enough to Jesus to see Him, hear Him and come to Him when He asks. That is a good place to be. So, how can we be close to Him? Read our Bible regularly. Pray to our Father in Heaven often. Who knows what He has in store for us. Are you curious? I am too.

Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.