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Hello to you!

This will be the last Wednesday Wonderings, and we have truly enjoyed putting together the videos; it has been fun, and also so meaningful. Because we are back to meeting in person on Sunday mornings and we also have the Live Stream, we feel that we don’t need to be producing the Wednesday Wonderings any longer. We may on occasion send out updates to you via email, but the Wednesday Wonderings and Monday Musings have now run their course and are now done. Thanks for reading and watching as we tried to keep you up date and informed of what was going on at WEFC during the initial season of COVID 19.  

Here are some very important points to note:

Sign up for the Sunday Morning Services:

  • Due to the COVID protocols of capacity for Worship Services, we are limited to 200 for the Generations Service (Multi-Purpose Room) and 100 for the Threshold Service (Chapel). It is very important that you sign up in advance. There is a very real possibility that as attendance grows we may need to turn people away at the door if we hit our limits. That would make me very sad if we had to turn people away. Therefore, it is very important to sign up ahead of time; please don’t just assume you can walk up and attend. You are welcome to walk up, but we can’t guarantee a place for you. As we see the attendance grow we will add Services as quickly as we can in order to accommodate the growth in attendance. Thankfully we have Live Stream.
    • Sign up online at our website at and choose your service and follow the instructions.
    • If you do not have access to the internet, or are having some difficulty signing up, please phone the office by Friday at 4:00pm, and we will get you registered. We will have you ticket here when you arrive.
    • Please follow the safety protocols as outlined by the Government of Manitoba.
  • In order to speed up the “signing in’ process when you arrive, we are using a new program called Eventbrite. Just go to our website to register. This is free to use, and you may also want to download the app. Your ticket will show up as a QR code on your phone. Again, if you have difficulties with this, please don’t hesitate to call the office (Office hours are 9am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday.)  

A Word about wearing Masks:

  • Though the province has not mandated the wearing of masks, we are requiring all attenders to our services to wear a mask.
  • There are several other Churches in Winnipeg that are also requiring the wearing of masks, as are also many businesses.
    • If you are not able to wear a mask, that is ok, we just ask that you do your part in physical distancing yourself by 6ft for conversations, as per provincial health guidelines. Wearing of mask is not required for young children or those who would have difficulty applying or removing a mask.
    • Once you are seated in the Multi-purpose Room or Chapel, you are free to remove your mask. However we ask you to replace it if you become engaged in a conversation or upon leaving the room.
    • We require the wearing of masks if you choose to sing out loud – we want you to sing out loud!  

We look forward to seeing you at our services live, as you are able; live is better. However, we do respect your decision to not attend live, but to remain at home and participate in the Live Stream. You have heard me say, though you may not be with us physically, but as you join us online, you are with us by the Holy Spirit.

God bless you.
Pastor Tim