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In the previous two messages of this series we explored a conversation that Jesus had with His disciples, asking their thoughts about who they believed Jesus is. Then we explored how one of Jesus’ close friends, Martha, declared that she believed He was the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the living God. But as I have mentioned, our opinions matter little, if anything at all. Reading the Gospels, we see how Jesus, God in human form, interacted with people, all kinds of people. Jesus even said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father - we are One.” To watch how Jesus interacted with people, and to learn who Jesus is, is to know who God is. However, our view and opinion are actually limited, maybe skewed, even selective; we take what we like about Jesus and God and we focus on that. But there is so much more about Jesus than we even hope to know.

There is so much more than who we think He is-who is He really? Previously I encouraged us to look and read into the Book of Revelation: this book is more about Worship of who Jesus Christ is, though much about the end times. Unfortunately I have seen too many times Christians get so excited about how the world will end, and they miss the point about God, and the greater story of our Great God  who created the world, allowed and watched Adam & Eve sin thereby bringing sin, evil and destruction into the world, and then how God the Father worked out a plan to redeem the world-the people in it, and to clean up the old world and create a new world, which will be the new heaven and the new earth. Yes, there will be a great judgement upon the world and people, but more importantly there will be a great redemption of vast number of people who are saved from their sin, and from hell. That is the great story.

Let’s explore together who Jesus revealed Himself to be in Revelation 1 and 22.


Weekly Reflection:

1. Confirm: do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Have you repented of your sin and received His forgiveness and committed your whole life to Him, making Him both Lord and Savior?

2. Read Revelation 1 and 22. Look at who Jesus is. Maybe read the whole book with the bookends of chapters 1 and 22.

3. Pray for someone you know who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus, each day.

4. Pray towards the Baptism Service this week; for those who are being baptized.