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Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask, “What in the World is going on?!” You watch the news on TV, read it in the newspaper, on the web or you talk about it with your neighbors and coworkers and family and friends. Maybe in class you are discussing current events. What is going on in this world? The early Christians asked the same questions in their time and world. As they also wondered back then, we look into answering the question of how do we live and act towards and live under the current government in power and other authorities. The Apostle Peter gives us great encouragement and direction as to how to live honorably and obediently as Christians.  

Weekly Reflection:

  1. Read 1 Peter 2:9-17; Romans 13:1-7
  2. Check your attitude towards the leaders and authorities in your life. Is there submission and respect?
  3. Pray each day for one Political leader or official by name: for wisdom and a relationship with God
  4. Pray each day for one authority in your life.