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Welcome to Part 2 of a Series on the Book of First Peter. Back in April and May of 2020 we journeyed into the Book of First Peter and we learned so much. I really encourage you to go back and listen to those messages and review them.

Chapter 2:11-12 are the hinge verses in the middle of the Book; the first part helping us to understand our relationship with God and who we are as Christians, the second part is all about how to live in this world relationally and practically.

The challenge that the Apostle Peter has for us is to live properly and honorably among your “not yet” Christian friends and acquaintances. Be prepared to be challenged as we as Christians are being watched to see how we live. How are we doing? What do we need to change in our actions and life?

Weekly Reflection:

  1. Read 1 Peter 1-2; focus on 2:11-17 this week
  2. What is one thing you can do to grow your spiritual insides?
  3. What is one outward behavior you should repent and change? What step can you take; confession, apology, prayer and Bible Study in that area; ask for help?
  4. Look for ways to smile at others, be kind, have a meaningful conversation with a neighbor, classmate, or co-worker. This can be an opening to a conversation about your faith.