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This Message Series on 1 Peter has been so good as we have delved into so many topics as the Apostle Peter seeks to help a group of Churches in the 1st Century Asia Minor. The Word of God is so applicable to today for us. In this message we look into 1 Peter 2:18-21. We are going to talk about slaves, servants and employees. Please, before you jump all over the word “slaves” in the Bible, please listen as we explain what it meant at that time. Understand that we do not condone or affirm slavery in any way.

However this passage of Scripture is very instructional as to how we handle work and our bosses. As Christians, we are called to a higher work ethic and perspective.

Weekly Reflection:

  1. Pray for your workplace, coworkers, boss, employees.
  2. Pray for your school, fellow students, teachers, professors, principals, presidents.
  3. Ask God to lead you and show your vocation and calling. Where does He want you to go? Is there a career change He wants you to do?
  4. Call 5 people this week to encourage and pray for them. People you have not talked with in a long time. Ask God to bring to mind who you should call.