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These times are unlike most of us have ever seen, though we have seen and been through many struggles and sufferings in our lives and lifetime. How do we live in all of this? Peter, one of Great Apostles of the Early Church, encourages us to walk with Jesus in Hope and Humility. This message is the first of a 6 Part Series on the Book of 1 Peter. What the Apostle Peter writes to a group of Churches in his time is so rich with encouragement and teaching for our time. Yes, even in the midst of the COVID 19 World Pandemic, he has much to say to us in 2020. The Word of God is written for all time. You are invited to learn with us from the great Apostle Peter.  

A Prayer & Bible Journal Outline
Date: Scripture:
Notes from message:
Weekly Challenge:
Personal Notes, Thots and Reflections during the week:  

Weekly Challenge

  • Read the 1 Peter 1:1-5; 5:6-14
  • Memorize 1:3-4 and/or 5:10-11
  • Journal about a current struggle or suffering, writing down all your thots and feelings
  • As you read the above texts, what would God encourage you with?
  • Call two people this week and talk about the Message, pray with each other.  

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