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We must read the Psalms as a Prayer book and songbook of the Jewish people, that includes Jesus who is Jewish and grew up Jewish. He knew the Psalms and as any Jew would have done is to pray and sing the Psalms, not just in the Synagogue but in life circumstances. When Jesus prayed the Psalms, He probably didn’t identify with every word or sentence in the Psalm, just like us too.
We know in reading the Gospels, and other Scripture verses Jesus lived a very difficult life. When it says that He often withdrew to prayer, why? And what did He do? It is easily assumed, and many Biblical commentators and theologians concur that Jesus would have prayed the Psalms. Jesus on earth was human, He felt all the same things we do, and had many of the same experiences. 

Let's spend some good time in Psalm 56 as we explore how the writer David felt and then also how Jesus would have reflected on this Psalm personally.

Weekly Reflection: 

  1. Read Psalm 56 
  2. Choose one verse to memorize. 
  3. Write and pray about the following; asking God to show you how to have hope. 
    • What is one thing that is causing you fear?  
    • Is there a tough situation of slander or criticism? 
    • Is there something that is causing you tears?  
  4. Why can God be trusted in these times? Where is the hope here in this Psalm?