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In this sermon we will walk thru 1 Peter 3:13-18 and 4:12-19. The Apostle Peter, as he is writing to a few Churches in 63AD, is wanting to encourage them in their trials and struggles as he shares a particular theme that weaves itself thru his letter to these Christians. There are several sentences and paragraphs within his letter that speak to enduring unfair treatment for doing good and right, and to how to endure in persecution for being a Christian. There is purpose and hope in the difficulties of life. The Apostle Peter writes to encourage and teach the believers how to endure while experiencing difficult times; trials, testings, temptations, sufferings. You are invited to be encouraged by the Apostle Peter, no matter what life may be affecting you with.

Weekly Challenge:

  • Re-read the whole book of 1 Peter - even in audio (You Version) in a few translations
  • Underline the words “trials,” “suffering,” and other words found in 1 Peter
  • List how your Heavenly Father has been taking care of you - because He has.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal where your attitude and perspective needs to change as you consider your troubles and testing and temptations.