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Prayer is what we are wired to do. There is something that in the midst of trials we want or need to reach beyond ourselves and the current circumstance.  However, the important thing is to consider who are praying towards. Even if we don’t believe in God, we tend to still tend to pray at Him. Interesting... It’s part of the “eternity in our hearts,” made in the image of God; that God-shaped vacuum. Key Statement: As a Christian, as part of the Body of Christ, as the Temple of the Holy Spirit; we pray. I understand that Scripture commands us to Pray; I understand that we have a need to Pray - but in this message I want to encourage us with the Invitation to Pray. In this three part series we will look into 3 passages that Jesus teaches us in prayer, within His famous Sermon on the Mount. Today we will look at Matthew 6:5-8.

Weekly Reflection:

  1. Go to the Quiet time - create the time if you don’t have one (re-create or change it)
    • Take 10 minutes: focus on one passage of Scripture
    • Then pray whatever comes to your mind or heart - write it down
  1. Challenge yourself to read the Bible in a year
    • One Year Bible
    • Online search for reading plan
    • Post one on our website
  1. Plan for a Prayer Gathering on Sunday, January 17, 2021 at 7:00pm
  2. Extra Study: take a concordance and see where the words “pray” or “prayer” are used in the Gospels and in the Book of Acts ( Be sure to check the context.