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A very clear theme in the letter of 1 Peter, is the cost of being a Christian. I have not talked about this much over this series, but with this passage we will explore what it means to live as a Christian when you are being picked on, bullied, and persecuted for nothing else than being a Christian. The Apostle Peter is not just taking about just being a good person; he is talking about being picked on for being a Christian and the good choices you make because of your faith and obedience to Christ. Maybe you have spoken out about what you believe; you have been asked to speak of what makes you different. Maybe because you choose not to join in all that your acquaintances are doing, that you are being left out. It’s not just your upbringing and morals, though good; it is because you follow Jesus and have given your life to Him and you will obey Him.

How do we live as a Christian while being marginalized, ignored, picked on, even severely persecuted? The Apostle Peter gives some real encouragement and perspective here in Chapter 4:1-6. Each verse gives a good directive as to how to live Christianly.

Weekly Reflection:

  1. Read 1 Peter 4:1-6 each day.   
    • Where is it difficult to live the Christian life? 
    • Are there some ways that I need to more bold about my faith?
    • Is there a specific sin I need to confess and forsake?
  2. Pray for one former friend whom you may need to sit and humbly share your faith with? Pray about an opening to have that conversation.
  3. Learn more about The Persecuted Church - “The Voice of the Martyrs” event online March 5