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Psalm 51 is the cry of a broken man. King David, whom God lead to write half of the psalms in the Psalter, had fallen into great sin and because of that sin he no longer enjoyed the close fellowship with God Whom he had faithfully served for many years. With amazing grace God sent the prophet Nathan to challenge the king for his sinful actions and David responds to God with this psalm crying out for mercy, asking for cleansing and pleading for restoration.  

Though these words became part of Holy Scripture 3 millennia ago, the message, the cry, of Psalm 51 is very current for us at Winnipeg Evangelical Free today. We live in a fallen and sinful world and even as Christ followers (those who have trusted Him as Saviour) we will still sin and fail our Holy God; so what matters most is keeping a moment by moment intimate connection with the Lord Jesus, confessing and repenting for our sins and living in the forgiveness He alone can provide.