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Hello Church,
I am very excited to come and serve and lead as your new Lead Pastor! You have been so encouraging and welcoming to us, and you are even a bit excited too. Thank you!
I am very excited to see how Jesus will build His Church here in this corner of Winnipeg and the southeast corner beyond the perimeter. I have a real sense that He is up to something, so let’s together follow Him as He leads. Pray! That’s the first and most important step we need to take as a Church. More about that in the coming months.  

A New Sermon Series: Summer in the Psalms. Christians through the ages and the people of Old Testament times have reached for the Book of Psalms in many life circumstances, in the “good, the bad, and the ugly.” My goal as we spend these Sunday mornings together, or if you watch the messages online, is to get us into reading the Scriptures. Summer in the Bible could be another title for this series. But for the next weeks into the September labor day weekend, we will focus on the Book of Psalms. Each week we will pick a Psalm to explore and then apply to our lives and maybe even share with someone else who might need the encouragement. Your homework… if you choose to accept it, is to focus on one Psalm a week to read and meditate on. I’ll explain how to do that at the end of each message as part of applying the message to our lives.  

I have three purposes in this series:

  • To encourage the Church to read the Scriptures - to read the Psalms specifically.
  • To teach about one Psalm each week, helping us to apply it’s truths to our lives and situations.
  • To communicate that God is worthy of our trust; He is bigger than our personal issues and circumstances, He is bigger than our Canadian issues, He is bigger than our World issues.  

This sermon series of “Summer in the Psalms” will be an encouragement and a life challenge for each of us. I appreciate how Pastor Mark Woods described this series in a recent bulletin: “We know that the psalms were written out of the various experiences of life. Some are jubilant and express praise and adoration to the work of God in our lives, while others are laments of how disappointments and sorrows of life weigh us down. But whether we are presently enjoying the sunshine or passing through the shadows, the psalms remind us that God is always present and will walk with us. Whatever you may have experienced throughout your life, God has a word for you and the Book of Psalms will speak to you wherever you may find yourself today.”  

I look forward to spending each Sunday morning at 10:30 with you; as we sing and worship God, as we open the Scriptures, as we open up our hearts to the Holy Spirit, as He speaks to us through His Word. I ask that before you come to the services, or before you may listen to a message online, say, “Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit… my heart and my mind is yours. Speak to me, I’m listening.”  

See you Sunday!