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Monday Musings/ Wednesday Wonderings - Monday August 10, 2020

Welcome to another edition of the Monday Musings. Again this week we will need to combine the Musings and Wonderings again.  And for the next two weeks we will NOT be putting out the Monday Musings or Wednesday Wonderings, as Pastor Tim will be away.

Let’s talk Sunday Morning! 

Wow, we had 152 people join us live yesterday morning for our first Sunday back since Covid hit in March! We had such a good time. We also had another 200 households sign in to our Live Stream and recorded service online. We are so glad that you could join us. Welcome back to all who came in person or online!

We look forward to gathering again this coming Sunday morning; keep in mind that you will need to sign up on a weekly basis. Here are a few guidelines:

• Please sign up to attend, either online ( or by calling to our office (204-253-8464). This is required protocol from the Provincial Medical Office, and also helps us prepare for your attendance.

• We have already made some good adjustments to speed up the sign in process when you arrive. If you can arrive a bit earlier that would also help with the sign in process. We apologize for the inconvenience we created yesterday morning as you may have waited in line. At least it wasn’t raining or winter. :)

• Please make sure, that if you are not feeling well, with symptoms of illness, that you remain at home and join with us online for the Live Stream.

• We will continue to encourage proper safety with hand sanitizers, spaced out seating, and maintaining physical distancing before, during, and after the Service.

• If you are wanting to sing during the worship time, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask to help prevent any spread of potential illness. You are more than welcome to hum or just enjoy the music.

Watching the Live Stream Service:

We totally respect those of you who may feel a bit nervous to attend our services in a larger group, so please feel free to stay home and watch the Live Stream of our Service on our website. All you need to do is click on the “Watch the Live Sunday Service” button and participate from there.

Summer in the Psalms:

As we did last summer, we have been going through a Psalm each week, discovering how God’s Word, as in the Psalms, speaks to our lives right now. We are realizing how the Psalms are more than just songs and prayers, but also include true proverbs for life, and also speak directly into our lives like the prophets of old.

The last two weeks we have been focusing on Psalm 50; such a rich Psalm. If you have missed any of the Worship Services and Messages, I really encourage you to catch up. They will be worth your time.

Please make sure you also look into the Weekly Reflections to help further apply the Psalms into your life.

Adventurers Day Camp:

It has been an amazing summer, with great weather, great safety for our campers and staff, and many good memories to be had.  We have had a number of kids invite Jesus into their lives and are choosing to life for Him, and many who have recommitted their lives to Jesus. This is very exciting! If you would like to pray for a child, please contact the ADC Directors and they will provide you with a prayer card with only the child’s first name. But this will help you to pray for them regularly. You may contact them at

We have two more weeks to go, pray for the staff, as no doubt they are getting tired during this very busy camp season; pray for strength and health for the staff and kids so that they are able to finish Camp strong. Continue to pray for the children as they get to know Jesus more.


Take care and have a wonderful week.

Pastor Tim