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Hello Church,

Blue sky, white fluffy clouds, dark storm clouds, strong winds, light rain, torrential rain, even hail, and then the Rainbow that always reminds me of Noah and the floating Ark, and God’s promise to never destroy His world with a flood of that magnitude. We worship and submit to a God of mercy and a God of firm righteousness. I am thankful for His care over the weather, and especially the weather we can enjoy; and I love a good lightning storm every once in a while.  

Sunday Services Resuming on August 9th!
For just over four months we have been recording our services on Saturday morning so they are up and running for Sunday morning, and Saturday evening as well. We have had many great encouragements on the efforts and planning for these services and it has gone very well. We invite you to join us live and in person for a couple more Saturday mornings (July 25 and August 1) at 10:00am. Please sign up by clicking here if you would like to attend.
We will have the technical capability to do Live Streaming of our Sunday Services shortly, so “Lord willing,” we will be ready to go for Sunday, August 9 at 10:30am. You will have the option of attending with us in-person or to join us Live Stream. You will still be required to sign up online or phone the office if you would like to attend in person. Sign up will begin on Tuesday, August 4 at 9:30AM. We will have a recording of the Service online after the Service that you can participate in.  

Transition Times Update
Just over three years ago a Transition Team was formed to help the Church move though Pastor Ron & Eva Koleba’s departure and then help discern God’s direction as a Church into the future. This hard working team has completed their mandate. Thank you Transition Team for your countless hours of hard work and much prayer.
They have written a final Edition of the Transition Times, and we have placed a printed copy in your mail box at Church, if you have one. It is also posted on our Website, and you may also click here.

Staff Updates
We announced this past weekend in our Worship Service that Faye Klippenstein has given her Letter of Resignation as our Worship/Congregation Care Coordinator. This will be effective on Friday, July 24. We sincerely thank Faye for 21 years of incredible ministry in our Church, and so many of you have appreciated her heart and love for people, and her very hard work. We wish Faye & Pete God’s blessings as they follow God forward in the next chapter in their lives and ministry, yet to be determined. God bless you Faye! Thank you for all you have done for Jesus and for His Church at WEFC.
We also informed you that our Associate Pastor (Threshold) Trevor Berg is currently on a medical leave. We ask you to pray for him and his wife Nicky, and their family, as they navigate through this. We will keep you posted as a Church, as we are able. Please keep them in your prayers.

Moving Forward: We look forward to gradually gathering as a Church. This is something we should be grateful to God as He has helped take care of us in Manitoba and Winnipeg. And we also must commend our Provincial Leaders in guiding us through the COVID 19 Pandemic. We are not out of it yet, but it is coming. God is answering our prayers.
As we look across the border, we see a nation still in the heavy grip of COVID 19, and I mean no disrespect; let’s pray for them. I recently heard that many Churches are forced to make the difficult decision to not open up their doors until January 2021. I invite you to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, in the USA and around the world, and even in our own nation of Canada. May the Church of Jesus Christ not only survive, but for 2000 years the Church has been a bright light in many worse situations around the world and in history. Jesus Christ is still at work in a through His Church, and always will.  

Pastor Tim