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Hello to you this Monday, I hope you had a good weekend.

We had our first Open Worship Service on Saturday Morning at 10:00am. We had a total of 34 people attending, including the Worship team, ushers & greeters. It was indeed good to have good group of people together. You are welcome to attend each Saturday as we participate in the Recording of the Service for the weekend. 

Here are a couple of important points to keep in mind:

  • We ask that you please sign up online by clicking here or phone the office to register. We have room for walk-ins, but signing up ahead of time helps us with proper set up.
  • We will limit the number up to two groups of 50, just to be able to manage this as we start reopening. We will expand as we are able.
  • We will be following the Manitoba Health protocols, as listed online, so we expect people to follow them.
  • If you are not comfortable in attending just yet, that is totally ok. We will continue to offer our complete Worship Service online. You are welcome to join us as you feel comfortable.
  • If you have questions about this, feel free to call or email the Church Office at (204) 253-8464 or  

Adventurers Day Camp 2020 Update
In June we had two shorter weeks of 2 Day camps per week, and they both went really well. This past week we had our first full week and it all also went really well. Even with practicing the Manitoba Health Protocols for Day Camps, it went very smoothly, and we appreciate you as parents and grandparents as you dropped off and picked up your children each day. Thank you. This past week we had 5 children invite Jesus into their lives for the first time and 2 children re-committed their lives to Jesus. If you would like to pray for them for the next number of months as they grow in this relationship with Jesus, please contact the Church office or email We will give you a prayer card of a child; first name only with no personal details. It is important to pray for these children at the very beginning of their walk with Jesus.

Staff Updates
Silas Friesen, our Youth & Young Adult Director got married to Kennedy a week ago on Monday, July 6. We are excited for them and celebrate with them. Congratulations!

We welcome Kurt & Rachel Willems to staff, as Kurt began his part time ministry as our Generations Worship Leader role this past week. 

Please be in prayer for our Staff as we navigate our ministries and lead the Church through these current times of pandemic and unprecedented times. Thank you!  

Welcome to New Members
This is my guffaw, as I realized I had not officially welcomed our recent new members to our Church. I’m sorry about this neglect, but we are so glad to have you as part of our Church. Welcome! Brandon Toews, Greg & Danae Funk, James Unger, Jessica Bradley, Jose Ramirez, Joyce Haiko, Patrick & Nikki Toews, Peter & Andrea Buhler, Sarah Haiko, Tim Lehman, Matt & Emily Guenther, Cathy Giesbrecht and Conrad Hnatuk.

Prayer Announcements:
We want to add one more important feature to the regular Monday Musings. Since we have no bulletin at this time, from time to time we need to inform the Church of important news, Bereavement notices, Hospital or illness notices, and more. As we become aware of such notices we would like to include them here, but only with your permission, of course. If you have such notices, please contact the Church office. We reserve to right to decide what will be included in the Monday Musings, as I believe you can appreciate.  

Take care and have a wonderful week.

Pastor Tim