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May 4, 2020

Nope, I will not make any comment about “May the 4th be with you!” If you have no idea what that means, do not worry, it’s really not that important, unless you are a diehard Star Wars fan. I’ve seen the Star Wars movies... meh, they are interesting. I’m not so much a space kinda guy. So happy May 4th to you all!

Today in Manitoba, the Province, health providers, and some businesses are beginning to open up. It will be slow and steady, and that is good. In case you have not heard our church office is open. I’m sure many camping people were on their phones and computers early this morning booking their camping times for the summer. And those waiting for elective and important surgeries and other medical type appointments are very happy as well. Haircuts appointments... well :) It seems that Manitoba is doing pretty good with flattening the curve of the COVID 19 pandemic. It has been difficult for many, and especially for those working on the front lines in emergency services and in the hospitals, for whom we are very grateful. We often to thank the frontline workers, and we should, however I want to acknowledge and thank Dr Brent Roussin and Lanette Siragusa for their great work as MB Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer of MB Shared Health, respectively. They are the ones who must take all the information that comes about COVID 19 and then apply it to our Province as to how we should move forward in this pandemic. The decisions and information that they must work with are not easy, so I commend them for their diligent work, often working and reporting 6-7 days a week. Thank you.

So what about us as a Church moving forward in this pandemic? I know that so many of us are looking forward to being together as a Church sometime, many say hopefully soon. But we are at the direction of our Provincial leaders and what the COVID 19 is doing in our province and world. While we are still limited to gatherings of no more than 10 people, we are still able to pre-record our services with our 10 or less people, for which I am very grateful for. So as the Province increases the numbers for public gatherings, so will we, and we will keep you posted.
I don’t want to discourage you, but realistically we are looking weeks down the road, if not a couple of months. I’m sorry. It important that we stay connected in any way possible, including with physical distancing, and often the phone or other technology is our very good friend to help keep us connected. Be sure to call a couple of people each day, and I encourage you to expand your list of people to call and pray for. Also be sure to call us here at the office if you want or need to talk and pray with someone, or email us at

One more reminder from this past Sunday and from last week as I need to publish the list of Candidates for Membership at WEFC.  We have a number of people that are excited to join the WEFC as Members. So here is the list of people, and as stipulated in our Constitution we must announce the names in our weekly printed bulletin for three weeks. Obviously the Monday Musings will have to do: Brandon Toews, Greg & Danae Funk, James Unger, Jessica Bradley, Jose Ramirez, Joyce Haiko, Patrick & Nikki Toews, Peter & Andrea Buhler, Sarah Haiko, Tim Lehman, Matt & Emily Guenther, Cathy Giesbrecht and Conrad Hnatuk. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Church Office or email  

That’s all for this Monday Musing, see at the Wednesday Wonderings; have a wonderful week.

Pastor Tim