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Hello Church!

Here is the Worship Service for the weekend of March 29, 2020. As you will note at the beginning of the service, I invite you to participate in the service, not just watch. I know that may feel a bit weird, but it will certainly help you be encouraged. Please know that as you are participating in the Service, you are participating with many of our WEFC family, albeit virtually. The Holy Spirit does His work of joining us all together.

Note that Sunday, March 29, 2020, the EFC and the WEA are inviting all Evangelical Churches around the world to pray. We will be praying about that in the service. Click Here for more resources.

Below at the bottom of this page is a pdf version for your phone. Thank you to Tim Lehman for reformatting these for phone use.

May God minister to you, as you gather around this service; whether is it you alone, a few of you, and as family. Please know that the Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, is with you.

Watch for my Monday Musings and Wednesday Wonderings this week. Until then, take care.

Pastor Tim