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Hi WEFC Family, 

Take Ten, What We Believe: 5. God’s gospel is accomplished through the work of Christ.
We believe that Jesus Christ, as our representative and substitute, shed His blood on the cross as the perfect, all-sufficient sacrifice for our sins. His atoning death and victorious resurrection constitute the only ground for salvation.  

Sunday Worship Gathering: 10:30am. This week special guest, Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC) Executive Director, Bill Taylor, will preach from Acts 19:8-22. The message is entitled, “Gospel Living in the Familiar and Foreign”. We are living in a changing world and our neighbors hold a variety of assumptions about life and good and evil. Paul’s experience on his third missionary journey illustrates a good approach for living in a pluralistic world where a Christian worldview is no longer dominant.   

Sunday Evening Bible Study: 6:00 - Soup and buns; 6:30 - Bible Study. Where Do We Go from Here? This is the 8th week of a 10-week video series with Dr. David Jeremiah hosted by Mark and Sandi Grafe in the Chapel. Each week the message is a stand-alone message and study. So, feel free to join in, even if you haven’t been to the previous sessions.   

Sunday Evening Worship Gathering at Grace Point: 6:00pm. Join Pastor Joel Cormie at Grace Point in worshiping God with the Point Douglas community. 

Kids Church Returns: Children age 5 to grade 5, will be dismissed mid-way through the service for Kids Church beginning this Sunday, June 12. The nursery will remain open during the whole service.  

Attention all graduates: June 26, we would like to honor our graduates in our WEFC family. If you are graduating from high school or post-secondary this year, let Silas Friesen know or contact the office. Please provide your name, a current picture, the type of diploma you have earned, and your plans for next year.  

Volunteers needed: We’re looking for volunteers to assist with in the kitchen for funerals. Three separate areas of responsibility include, preparation, serving and clean-up. Time commitment would be, 1-3 hours. If you are interested or have further questions, please email Sheila Kehler at or call 204-853-7581. Thank you for considering this service. 

Little Lambs Fundraiser: Purchase a Sobeys Gift Card ($10, $25, $50, $100 and $250) to support Little Lambs Christian Preschool. The value of the gift card will be applied to your purchase in store. There is no activation fee or additional cost. LLCP will earn between 2% and 6% depending on the value of cards sold. If sales reach $20,000, LLCP will receive $1,200. Last year $34,000 were sold! The funds will go towards equipment as well as to enhancing the program. To purchase gifts cards or have questions email Natalie at  

3 to 1 Concert: Saturday, June 11, 6:30pm, WEFC Chapel. Revive Us Again.  

Summer BBQ’s: After the worship gathering everyone is invited to join us throughout the summer beginning July 3, for a BBQ lunch, hosted by the elders and their wives. 

Caleb’s Cru Social Event: Thursday, June 30, Caleb’s Cru is off to visit the Steinbach Heritage Village. More details to come.  

Encouragement: “Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thorn bushes, or grapes from briers.”  Luke 6:44 

Five Alive – part 4 

In a land of make believe, in a faraway place, stood a lonesome tree. Affectionately given the name Turkey Tree by the locals. For its shape resembled a turkey when set against the horizon between land and sky. However, what drew the curious, from as far away as reality, was that this tree displayed a very unusual, and mysterious phenomenon. As the days grew warm and the sun’s rays grew long, this tree produced a deep saffron colored fruit. Then, as the fruit was just fully ripe, with a whistle and a swoosh, the tree would eat its own fruit. Gulp. Burp. Done. Next. 

A tree eating its own fruit, sound strange to you? No, I didn’t hit my head. I also didn’t stand in the sun too long either. I assure you, it sounds strange to me to. Plants and trees that produce fruit, produce it for the world around them to enjoy. Same with flowers. They too, produce amazing displays of color and form for the world around them to enjoy. The visible manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives produces fruit. You can find them listed in Galatians 5. They are for you to enjoy from me. They are not for me to enjoy as a gift to myself. And, this underscores our fourth discipline. The outward-bound life of giving and serving, as a growing and maturing child of God.  

This starts with what we have been given and received in the first place. It is by God’s grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8) we are saved and have received Christ Jesus as Lord (Colossians 2:6). There is no greater love (John 15:13) than what we have believed (John 3:16), God’s one and only Son to have accomplished on the cross. He wants that from us (John 15:12,17) too. Love. It is the fruit of remaining in Him. I am almost creatively certain or using my “sanctified imagination” (as my dad called it) that Jesus picked up a broken, discarded, dispatched branch of the vine and said, “neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” (John 15:4). He says a lot more here, but consider this, it is to the Heavenly Father’s glory, that we bear much fruit, showing ourselves to be followers and disciples of Jesus (John 15:8). After all, He came to give and serve many (Matthew 20:28). 

There is lots to give. I can give my heart, in surrender to God. I can give my will, in submission to Jesus. Or, I can give my strength, in service to my King. This includes an offering of my talents, gifts and energy and also a tenth of my income to the body of Christ in the local church. (To read about how we have come up with giving a tenth as a tithe and offering you can read Deuteronomy 14, 26 as a place to start.) 

So, to review the basic disciplines of living as a growing, maturing Christian we’ve covered so far: regularly pray, read the Bible, connect to body of Christ, and fourthly give and serve.  

I mean what good would a tree that eats its own fruit be? What a Turkey Tree! 

Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.