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What a week it has been: Triumphal Entry to Jesus Crucifixion, and now to Sunday. He is Risen... Jesus is Risen indeed!
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of our Christian faith. No other founder of any other faith has died and risen from the dead.
As we explore this most important truth we will look at the faith journey of Nicodemus as he slowly came to faith in Jesus, and then at the doubt of Thomas.
The challenge is for us to “Believe!”

Weekly Reflection:

  1. Read Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20-21
  2. Do the research on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:
    • Kirk Durston
    • Josh MacDowell
    • Lee Strobel
  3. Talk with someone about your doubts and questions about Jesus, Church, Faith
  4. Consider and pray about what steps you could take to deepen your faith:
    • Bible Reading
    • Small Group
    • Regular Church attendance
    • Courage to share your faith someone. “What do you think of Easter?”