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Ahh... Christmas, that wondrous time of year of snow, holiday shopping, setting up the Christmas tree and other decorations in our homes, in our workplaces and in our Churches. There is the Christmas baking, setting up the family gatherings, coordinating the School Christmas and Holiday Productions; so much to manage.

Then for some, there is the dread and sadness that comes with the season due to losses and disappointments of times and Christmases past; or just the simple or deep dislike of all the trappings and festivities that come in this season. “I can’t handle or I don’t want anyone to wish me a Merry Christmas, please no.”

If we can look past the “Christmas stuff” for a bit, I invite us to see Jesus, the Christ of Christmas, as God became a human to make His home among us. That is the message of Christmas, God coming to be with us; wanting to have a living relationship with us, if we would be open to that. I hope and pray we will.

Join us each Sunday in December as we celebrate this Jesus through our Christmas Advent series. We will explore how at Christmas we can Worship Jesus, see the Humbleness of Christmas, come to an Anticipation for Christmas, and then know the Jesus Christ of Christmas.

We invite you to join us on Christmas Eve, December 24 at 5:30pm for a Special Service full of special Christmas music and Carols. We truly want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and also a very Happy New Year.