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The first half of July Pastor Mark will be concluding his series on “The Practical Wisdom of God”. As we have been going through this series, we have seen how God’s word speaks to the very practical issues of life as we encounter them day by day. We have dealt with issues of family life, use of money, and how we relate to the government of our land. We will conclude the series by seeing what instruction God has for us in the area of how we handle relationships with other people and finally what He says to us about the area of work. In all of these things, God desires that we live our lives in a way that glorifies Him and it is because of His concern for us that He gives us guidance to function in a way that leads to a successful and prosperous life.  

This summer is the start of a new chapter in the life of Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church. Pastor Tim Ryan will be taking over the reins of leadership as he steps into his position as the Lead Pastor. He is not a total stranger to this congregation as he served once as this church’s Youth Pastor, and has several acquaintances and friends here from previous years. On July 21 he will be starting a new sermon series entitled “Summer in the Psalms”. This will be a look at different psalms that we find in our Bibles. We know that the psalms were written out of the various experiences of life. Some are jubilant and express praise and adoration to the work of God in our lives, while others are laments of how disappointments and sorrows of life weigh us down. But whether we are presently enjoying the sunshine or passing through the shadows, the psalms remind us that God is always present and will walk with us. Whatever you may have experienced throughout your life, God has a word for you and the Book of Psalms will speak to you wherever you may find yourself today.