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Hello Church,

I have had several people wonder about and ask some questions about our weekend services. Here is an update on our Weekend Worship Services. According to some indications by the Gov’t of Manitoba, we were anticipating an increase in the numbers allowed to attend Worship Services. But that did not happen. Effective March 26, 2021, we are to remain at an attendance limit in our Worship Service of 100. Please understand that it is for the Building, not per room. This will remain in effect until April 15.

We began on March 14 inviting you to two Sunday morning services at 9:00am and 11:00am. And you have responded very well as the last two weeks we have been filled to our capacity of 100. We are so excited to be together again for Worship and fellowship.

As of yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, both Sunday services are full already with registrations. That is exciting! That is showing that we are really eager to be back together as a Church.

Last Saturday, March 21, we added a Saturday evening Worship Service at 7:00pm. We want to make sure there is room for anyone to attend a Service; whether you are a member, a regular attender (or maybe not so regular), or a visitor who would like to join us. We want to make sure we have room for you. So for the next number of weeks we will continue to offer Saturday evening Worship Services at 7:00pm. You are most welcome to come.

Join us Saturday evening at 7:00pm 
If you have not signed up for a Worship Service, I invite you to sign up for Saturday night. It may feel different to attend Church on a Saturday and not a Sunday, but I can assure you it is so good to be together. You are invited to come. If you are a regular Sunday morning attender, I ask you to consider moving to Saturday night to make more room for those that can only attend Sunday morning. Come, give it a try. Be sure to cancel your Sunday morning ticket.  

A Note about Easter Weekend: Please note the times for our Services

  • Good Friday Services with Communion
    • 9:00am
    • 11:00am (also Live Streamed)
  • Sunrise Easter Morning Service at 6:45am
    • We will meet on the Berm in the front of our Church (facing east). Feel free to bring your lawn Chair.
    • We are doing this 30 minute service with the Seraph Church.
    • Please sign up online, we will be serving Cinnamon Buns after the service.
  • Easter Services
    • Saturday 7:00pm
    • Sunday at 9:00am and 11:00am

We are excited to be together as a Church. We continue to ensure your safety as you are able to attend. We continue to encourage the wearing of masks and physical distancing. Plus we also sanitize the Multipurpose Room and the washrooms in-between each service.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our Services!

Pastor Tim