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 Station 1: Guys/Girls Night

For this station only, the guys and girls have their own unique activity! 

The girls will be doing a paint night, and experiencing the true joys of painting, simultaneously being calmed by Bob ross's soft voice and sent into a panic by his unbelievably fast painting. Feel free to bring your own painting supplies if you have them, but we have enough to go around!

The boys will be diving for cover in our all-out nerf war! With lots of walls and risers to hide behind get ready to blast away the competition. Just don’t forget to watch your back... You are more than welcome to bring your own nerf gun, but if you don’t have one don't worry, we have some you can use!

Station 2: Board Game Night

Don't let the title mislead you, this evening will be anything but boring. Also, we do allow card games with too. All you Dutch blitz fans are in luck. We have some board games here, but if there are any you really want to play, feel free to bring your own!  

Station 3: Gym Games You have free reign over the gym. Well, half of it at least. But if you're looking for floor hockey, bump, dodgeball, soccer, volleyball, or capture the flag, this is the station for you! Also, if those don't sound your speed don’t worry, we have lots for you to do!

Station 4: Prayer Night

For this week, be sure to bring your bible and a journal if you have them! We will have your room set up with a bunch of stops for you to interact with and help you focus on a bunch of really important things as you pray at your own pace.

Station 5: Fort Building

Bring your (clean) blankets and pillows and let’s get building! build tall, build wide, and make the fort of your dreams! At the end of the night, we will take picture of it, and show it off at our worship night (Nov 20th) to the rest of the youth group! and who knows, there may just be a prize for the best fort. Who's to say really...