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When my wife and I learned that we were becoming parents, we felt overjoyed. That joy turned to panic as we realized we knew nothing about babies! We decided it was a good idea to enroll in a     prenatal class.

        We thought we were getting a crash course in what to expect during delivery. In addition to the class, we were treated to a thirty-minute workshop on how to raise an infant without gender. This included not using pronouns or using nonbinary language. 

  Driving back, I felt like if I was to train James in the Bible's view of Gender, I have to start now, not because I think James is ready for it, but because James will be taught it regardless if I want him to or not. But as you might imagine having the "birds and the bees" talk at age two seems rather silly. As a Dad, I feel a little lost to train James in this.  I started asking myself, 

"What's the best way to teach gender and sexuality at an age-appropriate level?"

There are two resources I want to let you know about

1) "The Talk" Booklet 

  I came across a great resource titled "The Talk." It's put out by Focus on The Family. It's a free guide for parents on how to teach biblical values on sexuality and Gender at every age level. I've found it helpful, and we want to make it available for you. We hope it helps

You can pick up a copy at the Library, OR You can download the pdf.  below

Download Here


2) "Toward a Culture of Sexual Integrity: Seminar Church of the Rock (Click Here for Details)

      On November 6th the Churches of Winnipeg came together to discuss how churches can help parents train their children about Gender and Sexuality.  There's going to be a two-day conference held in the springtime at Church of the Rock to help parents teach their children in the Biblical View of Sexuality. If this is something you as a parent are interested in, please contact me (, and I will forward more details as they become available.