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When a contractor is building a house, he operates from a set of blueprints. He uses the blueprints to give instructions to every subcontractor that works on the house as well. The reason for this is obvious – because if each subcontractor did his work his own way, without proper instruction, nothing in the house would fit together and you would end up with a monstrosity. It’s the same thing with the church. We cannot just do whatever we want in our own way and expect things to work properly. In the case of the church, the book of Acts is our blueprint. We can, and should, look back to Acts to see how the church developed and take our cues from that. As we do, we see that there were certain basic principles that guided the early Christians and that should guide us as well.  

Throughout January and February we will be going through the book of Acts in our Sunday morning messages, as we re-discover how God desires churches today to operate. This is important because the only way we can do a good job of building the church is to follow the blueprints.