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In a few weeks it will be Easter. It always makes me wonder why we attach so much significance to Christmas and barely a mention when it comes to Easter. Of course, the secular world couldn’t care less about Easter, except that they get a day off work, but the point still remains. At Christmas we have parties, dinners, celebrations, family get-togethers, decorations, gift buying, carol singing and all manner of preparation for weeks in advance as we look forward to the big day. Easter evokes nothing close to that. And yet, it was the culmination of everything that Jesus came into this world to accomplish.  

I’m not calling for us to change the way we celebrate Christmas or Easter, but I would encourage everyone of you to make some extra effort to recognize what Easter means for all of us. You can read through part of the crucifixion story in the gospels each day. Or look up some verses with the word “resurrection” in them (easily done through websites such as and think about what they mean. Then, come and join us on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Good Friday is the Christian version of Remembrance Day, and Easter is a time for celebration, including a breakfast to start things off. (We’re even planning an Easter egg hunt for the little kids to make it special for them.) This year we’re having a sunrise service – at 6:00 am! – to remember that Jesus rose “very early, on the first day of the week”. We are also sending out 1700 invitations to people in our close neighbourhood to come and celebrate with us. Let’s make this Easter a wonderful time together! Looking forward to seeing you there!