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During December we observe what we refer to as Advent. This is a time of building up towards the big event of the month, which of course is Christmas. Advent is a time for us to think about what Christmas really means. It is a time for us to step away from all the parties and activities of the season and thoughtfully consider what the real significance of the season truly is. The Bible tells us that Christ’s coming into this world was really the coming of God into this world. God, in all his fullness, was taking up residence in a human body.

The Bible tells us that one of Jesus’ names is “Immanuel”, which means, “God with us”. The Creator and Sustainer of the universe was coming to live with his creation. It was God’s visitation here on earth. He lived among us; he ate our food; he dwelt in our houses; he walked and talked with us. In the first three Sundays of the month our sermon series is entitled “The Visitation of God”. We will look at three different ways he revealed himself to us – as Prophet, Priest and King. On the 23rd we will be treated to a special service by Compassion International, a Christian aid organization that works with children around the world, bringing material, social and spiritual help to needy areas. Come and enjoy the wonderful news of how God worked, is working and will work in the world he visited so long ago.