Always ‘Kidding’ Around at eFree Kidz College

Always ‘Kidding’ Around at eFree Kidz College

“Knock, Knock”.  “Who’s there?”  “Sandwich.”  “Sandwich who?”  “Sandwich you!”  (followed by hysterical laughter).  Ok, I ‘m guessing you didn’t find that joke the least bit funny, but if you were a three or four year old you’d probably be laughing your head off right now, because these are the jokes that are currently very popular around our snack table at eFree Kidz College.  

So besides jokes with nonsensical endings, what else goes on at eFree Kidz College?  I’m sure a few of you have wondered what happens during a morning at our preschool, or perhaps have even wondered why we have a preschool at WEFC.

EFree Kidz College was started a decade ago as an outreach into our surrounding community.  At that point, Sage Creek was just starting to develop, and Island Lakes and Royalwood had many young children as well.  The church wanted to draw people in from around the area as well as provide a Christian preschool for families, either from our own congregation or from other churches.  The hope was to encourage relationship building between Christians and the community.  The building was seeing limited use during the weekdays, so it was a perfect opportunity to provide a nursery school experience and to share the love of Christ with children and their families.  

If you peeked into our preschool during a typical morning you would see a lot of play going on, which might lead you to wonder, what about the learning?  We believe learning should be fun, and children learn best through activities based on play, movement and using all their senses.  

The mornings are actually a carefully planned and balanced mixture of teacher-directed and child-selected activities, in order to maximize both fun and learning.  We also strongly believe that all children need to feel loved and accepted, and strive to create that environment in preschool.  

What sets us apart from other preschools is that in addition to our strong commitment to academics and play, we are an unabashedly Christian preschool.  We have a moral theme of the month, and have various Bible stories, songs, Bible verses and lessons that stem from this theme.  We are very committed to sharing the true meaning of both Easter and Christmas, and our Christmas program each year is focused on the nativity narrative.  We also take the time to pray every day with the children.  One of the most exciting things for us is when the children beg to be the one who gets to pray that day.  We have had some beautifully innocent and powerful prayers from the mouths of 3 and 4 year olds!  

Through this ministry, we see families who have never been inside our church building before return with their children for ADC, Kids Club, and Sunday School.  Ultimately our goal is to work with the Lord in planting seeds of faith, friendship and love in the lives of these community families, and to broaden the faith experiences of those who are already believers. 

If you have kids that are either 3 or 4 years old, or know someone who does, our registration for fall has begun. You are welcome to drop by the church office, send Sheri an email at or find more info and the link to register on our website.

Sheri Braun